20 May 2024

ONKYO Scepter 3001 (1989) | Speaker System


Speaker System

Brand: ONKYO
Model: Scepter 3001
Year: 1989

The Scepter 3001 was introduced by Onkyo in 1989 and it featured a Super Labyrinth System Super Woofer for extremely deep bass. The front facing 20cm MID4 woofer reproduced a wide frequency range of 80 Hz to 1.5 kHz. This bandwidth covered the entire spectrum of the human voice for uncommonly realistic and cohesive vocal reproduction. For an extremely high frequency reproduction an ultra-lightweight aluminum tweeter in a spherical enclosure was placed on the top of the loudspeaker system.

Technical Data:
4-Way Labyrinth System
Max. Input: 250 W
Frequency Range: 20Hz-50.000Hz
Impedance: 4ohm
Super Woofer: 25cm "Delta Olefin" cone
Woofer: 20cm "Cross Carbon" cone 
Midrange: 5cm Ultra-Lightweight Aluminum 
Tweeter: 2.5cm Ultra-Lightweight Aluminum
Dimensions: 321x1130x460mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 51kg
Original sale price/pair 4200 DM Germany

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Speaker System

Speaker System

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