26 July 2016

High Fidelity Men - Part 3

high fidelity men

Peter J. Walker - QUAD
Peter J. Walker - QUAD

Saül B. Marantz - marantz
Saül B. Marantz - marantz

Sidney Harman - harman kardon - Bernard Kardon
Sidney Harman - harman kardon - Bernard Kardon

Willi Studer - REVOX / STUDER
Willi Studer - REVOX / STUDER

Stefan Kudelski - NAGRA
Stefan Kudelski - NAGRA

Sidney N. SHURE
Sidney N. SHURE

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18 July 2016

Unique 2-in-1 audio components

The most succesfull 2-in-1 separate audio component was probably the dual well cassette deck. The World's First High-Speed Dual recoding cassette deck was the ONKYO TA-W800 from 1981. Let's take a look at some audio components that used a different approach for the 2-in-1 concept.


A unique portable radio-cassette recorder with a "slide-in tape 2" by Music Air.

portable boombox

How about a combination between a reel to reel and a compact cassette machine. This is the unique BRG M 11 from Hungary (1970).

BRG M 11

There was of course a 3-in-1 approach too. Reel to reel, compact cassette and 8 track recorder from AKAI. X2000D

AKAI. X2000D

But what if you make a dual reel to reel? This is the KORTING MT 3624 from.....1964.


You can make vertical standing one too. Dokorder 8010A

Dokorder 8010A

Before the compact cassette - CD combination unit there was also a compact cassette - microcassette combination - Technics M212

Technics M212

Talking about the CD. What if you make a CD player - turntable combination unit. FISHER DAC-9025


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10 July 2016

ONKYO - 70th Anniversary / 1946 - 2016

ONKYO 70th anniversary

Takeshi Godai estabilished ONKYO in april 1946 to manufacture dynamic speakers. The word "onkyo" means "sound acoustics" in Japanese. The first product however was not a loudspeaker but a cartridge pickup for record players.

onkyo cartridge

ONKYO ED-100 a highly acclaimed 25 cm driver from 1948.

onkyo speaker

ONKYO CX-12, CX-10 and CX-8 coaxial-type speaker models released in 1956.

onkyo speaker

First plastic speaker cone in Japan 1956.

onkyo speaker

ONKYO stereoscopic concert showcasing a four-meter long Mammoth Horn - 1956.

onkyo speaker

ONKYO component style Hi-Fi System - 1958.

onkyo hifi system

ONKYO at Japan Audio Fair 1959 featuring 256 16 cm coaxial speakers.

onkyo loudspeaker

ONKYO E-83A 3 way speaker with 30 cm woofer -1967, forerunner to SCEPTER series.

onkyo loudspeaker

ONKYO SCEPTER driver series debut - 1968.

onkyo loudspeaker

ONKYO introduces the Integra Series - 1969

onkyo amplifier

ONKYO Scepter120 4-way speaker with multiple terminals - 1970.

onkyo loudspeaker

New ONKYO logo 1977.

onkyo logo

ONKYO Scepter Speaker Sytem and handbook for 173 different combination - 1977

onkyo loudspeaker

ONKYO P-309/M-509 "double super-servo" pre-power amplifier 1980.

onkyo amplifier

ONKYO PX-100M Linear Motor turntable with a 10 kg machined pure-copperplatter. 1981

onkyo turntable

World's First High-Speed Dual recoding cassette deck ONKYO TA-W800 1981

onkyo cassette world first

ONKYO Grand Scepter GS-1 1984

onkyo loudspeaker

ONKYO's biggest amplifier - Grand Integra M-510 1984

onkyo amplifier

ONKYO High-Quality QUEST Series 1992

onkyo amplifier

ONKYO INTEC275 mini size maxi sound 1994

onkyo mini hifi system

Integra Research Ultimate Theater System 2000

integra research ultimate

ONKYO D-TK10 Takamine Guitar inspired loudspeakers 2005

onkyo takamine loudspeaker

ONKYO Reference Series 2010

onkyo reference series

ONKYO Pioneer Coporation estabilished 2015

onkyo pioneer

ONKYO DP-X1 Hi-Res Digital Audio Player 2015

onkyo hi-res player

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