18 July 2016

Unique 2-in-1 audio components

The most succesfull 2-in-1 separate audio component was probably the dual well cassette deck. The World's First High-Speed Dual recoding cassette deck was the ONKYO TA-W800 from 1981. Let's take a look at some audio components that used a different approach for the 2-in-1 concept.

dual cassette deck

A unique portable radio-cassette recorder with a "slide-in tape 2"
Music Air by SONY.

dual cassette deck

How about a combination between a reel to reel and a compact cassette machine. This is the unique BRG M 11 from Hungary (1970).

cassette reel to reel

There was of course a 3-in-1 approach too. Reel to reel, compact cassette and 8 track recorder from AKAI X2000D

reel to reel

But what if you build a Dual Reel to Reel? 
This is the KORTING MT 3624 from...1964.

reel to reel

You can make vertical standing one too. Dokorder 8010A

reel to reel

Then there was the Bell RT-367

reel to reel

Before the compact cassette - CD combination unit there was also a compact cassette - microcassette combination - Technics M212

cassette micro cassette

Talking about the CD. What if you make a CD player - turntable combination unit. FISHER DAC-9025

cd player

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