28 February 2013

30 Years of CD

In 2012 it was the celebration of 30 years of Compact Disc.

The Compact Disc was co-developed by PHILIPS and SONY. As a result, it was decided that the Compact Disc will have a diameter of 120 mm for a 74 minutes audio recording.
This is how it was presented in the "Red Book". The format was later adapted for storage of data (CD-ROM), write-once audio and data storage (CD-R), rewritable media (CD-RW) and other photo and video formats. Another format was the Mini CD, an 80 mm diameter disc.

This successful format was the basis for the DVD, a new audio-video disc with 120 mm diameter developed by PHILIPS, SONY, TOSHIBA and PANASONIC in 1995.

A higher fidelity format was in 1999 introduced by PHILIPS and SONY and it was called Super Audio CD a new audio disc in a format war with DVD-Audio.


PHILIPS CD-100 World first CD player

SONY CD-101 World first CD player

22 February 2013

Scale model world.

Did you ever wondered if there were scale model kits made in former eastern Europe.
Look no further, you have the answer right here. Most famous were the plastic model airplane kits made in former east Germany by "VEB Kombinat PLASTICART". The most famous model train sets were also from former east Germany made by "PIKO Spielwaren". Scale model cars were made by "ESPEWE MODELLE" from east Germany, "Estetyka Spoldzielnia Pracy Warsawa" in Poland and "NOVOEXPORT" in former USSR. The ususal scale was 1:43 and 1:87 for scale model cars. Planes were made at 1:100 and 1:75 scale and the train sets were available in HO, TT and N scale size.

How did they look? Find out more with details and photos here.

21 February 2013

Dedicated room.

This is where The Stereo Museum lives. The 1001 Hi Fi  is a fabulous privately owned collection of over 500 Hi Fi units, consisting of CD players, cassette tape recorders, reel to reel recorders, tuners, turntables, amplifiers, systems etc. In 2012 the museum interior was updated. See the picture below.
For detailed descriptions of units displayed in the museum please visit www.1001hifi.com

1001 Hi Fi - The Stereo Museum

20 February 2013

50 years of Compact Cassette

The Compact Cassette (called Musicassette - MC - when it came with prerecorded material) is an analog magnetic tape sound recording format. It all began with the invention of the magnetic tape in 1928 which led to the first reel-to-reel recorder made by AEG in 1935. These were big machines used in recording studios, radio stations and later by Hi Fi enthusiasts at home.

To make home recording more popular, with smaller machines, there were a few cartridge type tapes introduced to the marked but they all failed in short time. 
It was at the Berlin Radio Show on 30 August 1963 that this new cartridge format was presented by PHILIPS.......Read Full Story Here

 compact cassette

More German design, Made in Japan.

Discover new Hi Fi units added each month to the 1001 Hi Fi - Stereo Museum.
This was added on 15th february 2013.
From a famous german brand this is a unit manufactured in Japan in 1979.
Intreseted in details?