27 February 2016

BIGGER = Better ?

cassette deck

These are some of the BIGGEST cassette decks ever made. Were they better than a regular sized deck? In some cases, yes, they were hiding complex mechanical construction and sophisticated electronics to achieve the best possible sound. Let's take a look at the models and the years they were made.

The AKAI GXC-570D was first manufactured in 1975 and it features 3 heads and 3 motors.

AKAI GXC-570D cassette deck

The eumig FL-1000 was made in Austria in 1979. This is a highly regarded cassette deck.

eumig FL-1000 cassette deck

The OPTONICA by SHARP RT-6906 from 1981 was a 3 head machine with an extra head for a sophisticated track search system. 

OPTONICA by SHARP RT-6906 cassette deck

The PIONEER CT-A1 from 1979 is a 3 head unit with a complex tape calibration system. Briefly sold as Linear Phase 7000 a company that was recently acquired by PIONEER.

PIONEER CT-A1 cassette deck

A big and beautiful cassette deck from Norway. This is the TANDBERG TCD 3004 from 1980. 

TANDBERG TCD 3004 cassette deck

A not so well remembered model is the TEAC A-860 from 1976.

TEAC A-860 cassette deck

A two-box solution from Technics. This is the RS-9900US from 1977.

Technics RS-9900US cassette deck

Here is something interesting, something you would not expect. This is the 3 head UNITRA MDS-624 from 1983....apparently only a prototype...

UNITRA MDS-624 cassette deck

Finally, the BIGGEST of them all but never manufactured. The LUXMAN X-3K, only shown as a prototype in 1982. With this system the aim was to completely extract the tape from the cassette and run it on a free and precise tape path. 

LUXMAN X-3K cassette deck prototype

19 February 2016

10.000 - A Magic Number

vintage audio

DIATONE DS-10000 was the 40th Anniversary model of the manufacturer released in 1985 (DIATONE is the high-end audio divison of MITSUBISHI)

diatone ds-10000

The YAMAHA NSX-10000 was released in 1987 with the development of  the concepts  "no distortion, high transients" and "no noise, high resolution" as part of the Monumental Products 10000 Series to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Yamaha’s founding. 

The YAMAHA CDX-10000 was released in 1987 as part of the Monumental Products Yamaha 10000 Series to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Yamaha’s founding. Forming a four-part system together with the MX-10000 Power Amplifier, the CX-10000 Control Amplifier and the HX-10000 Phono Equalizer, it was intended to handle the demands of all media past, present and future.


Technics SB-10000 3 way Linear Phase Speaker System - released 1977

Technics SB-10000

Technics SU-10000 stereo control amplifier and Technics SE-1000 power amplifier from 1972.

Technics SU-10000 Technics SE-1000

FOSTEX FX 10000 3 way 4 speaker system - Extra Efficiency 


SANSUI AU-10000 stereo integrated amplifier 1977


Last but not least there was the National NV-F10000 VHS hi-fi video system.

National NV-F10000

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06 February 2016

Quadraphonic - Surround Sound Amplifiers


Quadraphonic is a forgotten Surround Sound system from the early 1970s.
This system used four channels with speakers positioned at the four corners of the listening room. It was never a huge success because of the expensive equipment, conflicting formats and available albums. True, four separate channels, were used in the UD-4, CD-4, Quad-08 and Q4 systems. A different approach was the encoded system where the four channels were converted (encoded) in two channels (usually a vinyl LP) These records were decoded with a decoder in four channels. Some of the formats were the Matrix H, EV-4, and the completely different SQ and QS.

Here are some examples of quadraphonic amplifiers and decoders made in the early 1970s.

AKAI AS-980 quadro receiver (SQ, RM, CD-4)
AKAI GX-280D SS 4-channel tape deck (1973)
akai quadro

BLAUPUNKT Delta 6011 V quadro receiver (SQ-decoder) (1974)
blaupunkt quadro

Victor (JVC) Ssystem 105 - stereo / quadro components
jvc quadro

JVC 4VR-5456X quadro receiver (1977)
JVC MCA-V9 quadro amplifier
jvc quadro

Victor (JVC) MCA-V9 quadro amplifier
JVC 4VR-5426X quadro reeceiver (CD-4) (1977)
jvc quadro

JVC 4VN-990 quadro amplifier (SQ Matrix) (1977)
JVC JA-X9 quadro amplifier (CD-4, Matrix) (1977)
jvc quadro

LOEWE QR 320 quadro receiver (1975)
LOEWE QV 300, QV 310 quadro amplifier
loewe quadro

marantz Model 4400 quadro receiver (1973)
marantz Model 4060 quadro aplifier, Model 4415 quadro receiver
marantz quadro

PIONEER QC-80 QM-80 and QA-80 quadro amplifiers (1971)
PIONEER quadro system
pioneer quadro

PIONEER QX-8000, QL-600, QT-6600, QC-800A, QM-800A, 
QA-800A, QL-800A, QD-240 quadro components
pioneer quadro

PIONEER QL-60 quadro amplifier
PIONEER QX-80 quadro receiver
pioneer quadro
Sansui QRX-3000, QRX-3500 quadro receivers (SQ Matrix) (1973)
sansui quadro

Sansui QS-1, QS-100 quadro amplifiers
sansui quadro

SONY SQD-2020 quadro decoder (SQ Matrix)
SONY SQR-6650 quadro receiver
SONY SQA-200 quadro decoder (SQ Matrix)
sony quadro

SONY SQD-2020 quadro decoder (SQ Matrix) (1973)
sony quadro

SABA HiFi-Studio 8200 quadro receiver (1974)
SABA HiFi-Studio 8280 quadro receiver (1975)
saba quadro

TELEFUNKEN TRX 2000 hifi qudro receiver (1978)
KENWOOD KR-8340 quadro receiver (1973)
telefunken kenwood quadro

NORDMENDE Quadronado QXL-160 quadro receiver (SQ, CD-4) (1974)
YAMAHA quadro system
nordmende yamaha quadro

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