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07 October 2017

JAMO ORIEL - The Sound of Excellence

jamo oriel

Jacobsen + Mortensen = JAMO. The famous loudspeaker manufacturer was founded in 1968 in Denmark by Preben Jacobsen and Julius Mortensen. In 1992 they have introduced the JAMO ORIEL, a monumental 1.78 m high and 72 kg loudspeaker. Each pair was handmade to order with an engraved plate of the owner. The JAMO ORIEL is a 3 way bass reflex loudpeaker with two 8" (205 mm) woofer sitting inside of the cabinet, a 6 1/2" (165 mm) KEVLAR cone midrange and a 28 mm dome tweeter. The frequency range is 20-22000 Hz while the recommended amplifier rating is 70 - 300 W. The whole "stucture" was placed on a concrete base plate with spikes included. 

jamo oriel
JAMO ORIEL internals

jamo oriel
JAMO ORIEL components

06 April 2016

High Fidelity Men - part 2

Bart Locanthi  - PIONEER HPM-100

Dr. Amar Gopal Bose - BOSE 901


James Bullough Lansing - JBL 4345

John Bowers & Roy Wilkins - B&W NAUTILUS

Paul Wilbur Klipsch - KLIPSCHORN

Preben Jacobsen & Julius Mortensen - JAMO ORIEL

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