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23 October 2021

National Panasonic SG-6070 (1978) - It Does Sound Rather Expensive

music center

Panasonic's SG-6070 "3 in 1" stereo was a top people's music center if ever there was one. It's got a Direct Drive turntable with LED stroboscope. A superb two motor logic controlled cassette deck which, of course, has a Dolby noise reduction system. The radio is a supremely sensitive 4 band stereo receiver with no less than six FM pre-set station controls. Like all the main controls on thhe SG 6070 these are sensor touch operated. It also has a digital timer which allows you to set the radio or cassette to come on at a pre-set time. Or to pre-set the cassette deck to record from the radio. Since it's well known that top people love power, the amplifier delivers a whopping 45 Watts RMS per channel. The SB-67 3-way loudspeaker system was available separately. Dimensions: 740x430x190 mm | Weight: 23 kg. 

music center

music center

music center

music center

music center

music center

08 August 2021

Panasonic Ambience (1982)

Panasonic Ambience (1982). 
feat. Eart Wind and Fire. 
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09 February 2015

Compact Cassette Changers

Before playlist existed there were compact cassette changers. Juke box heroes. They didn't seem to catch on like record changers or CD changers however from time to time a manufacturer made such a unit. Here are some of them and the various concepts they used to implement the ideea.

PHILIPS N2502 (1969)

This cassette changer is from 1970 and is one of the first models. 
It used a slide mechanism for 12 cassettes.

Panasonic RS-296US
This Panasonic is a 20 cassette carousel changer from 1972. 
Advertised as the cassette player that can play up to two and a half days of music.

This PHILIPS is 6 cassette changer from 1976. The first version of this model dates back to 1969. It uses a funny accesory to flip the casssettes to play both sides of the loaded tapes.
This also makes it one of the first autoreverse cassette decks as well.

The SONY MTL-10 is a 10 cassette cartridge format cassette changer from 1982. They were available in several colours - for supermarkets as advertised in the brochure. It has Laser-Amorphous head and on the slide out cassette compartiment there are preset switches for each cassette for tape type and dolby on/off preselect.

5 cassette changer from 1985 in a dual well construction where cassette compartiment 1 is the cassette changer for playback only.

The PIONEER CT-M601R is a 6 cassette changer from 1992. It is one of the last models that was also available as a dual well construction just like the previous AIWA.

You can read more about the (PHILIPS) Compact Cassette format here.