22 February 2013

Scale model world.

Did you ever wondered if there were scale model kits made in former eastern Europe.
Look no further, you have the answer right here. Most famous were the plastic model airplane kits made in former east Germany by "VEB Kombinat PLASTICART". The most famous model train sets were also from former east Germany made by "PIKO Spielwaren". Scale model cars were made by "ESPEWE MODELLE" from east Germany, "Estetyka Spoldzielnia Pracy Warsawa" in Poland and "NOVOEXPORT" in former USSR. The ususal scale was 1:43 and 1:87 for scale model cars. Planes were made at 1:100 and 1:75 scale and the train sets were available in HO, TT and N scale size.

How did they look? Find out more with details and photos here.