14 June 2024

PIONEER S-99 (1983) | Personna Hi-Quality System


Hi-Quality Hi-Fi System

If home is where your music is, here's the system for you. Pioneer's Personna S-99 from 1983 is a personal-sized system of only 32 centimeters wide and 21 centimeters deep. But unlike so many other small-size systems, this one has true hi-fi specs and sound. The separate components include an Integrated Stereo amplifier (65W/ch), a Quartz-PLL FM/AM Synthesizer tuner, a programmable front-loading Full-auto Turntable packed with extras, and an Auto-reverse (REC/PLAY) Cassette Deck with Dolby B/C noise reduction and lots more. Each of these works through Auto-Function for one-touch operation, and each has an array of conveniences (many of them computerized) to make life a lot easier for you. The three-way speaker system have special Ribbon Supertweeters for tingling highs. And available as option is the matching Sound Processor CA-X7 with 7-band graphic equalizer, echo unit, mixing panpots and lots more. This is the Personna shelf component system S-99, from Pioneer.

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