19 June 2018

YAMAHA AVR-1000 | R-9 - Zero Distortion Rule

yamaha receiver

This a transitional model from when manufacturers started shifting from big powerful stereo receivers to audio/video type of receivers. This one still has plenty of power and was introduced worldwide in 1985 as the all black R-9 while the silver front - wood case AVR-1000 was only available in Japan.

"Uncommon sounds. Sounds that make exceptional demands on your audio system. Because from the crescendo of a massed chorale to the detonation of proton torpedos, the sounds of modern entertainment reward audio high-performance as never before. And nothing performs like Yamaha.
Yamaha's sophisticated new R-9 receiver is designed to make the most of today's home entertainment possibilities. With seven audio and three video hookups, the R-9 can serve as the control panel for your entire home audio/video system. And because it has a separates-quality 125 watt per channel amplifier with Auto Class A Power amplification, it provides tha high power and wide dynamic range that add a whole new dimension to your home entertainment experience.

Now you can hear digital recordings and compact disc reproduced with the full clarity and resonance demanded by serious audiophiles. Experience the high-decibel impact of the sound effects that make your favorite films special. And do it through a receiver so advanced it uses discrete circuitry like that found in Yamaha's finest separate components."

yamaha receiver

The R-9's AM/FM stereo tuner features digital tuning with a unique 5-digit capability that allows you to fine-tune in increments of 0,01 MHz (FM). This is particularly helpful in obtaining maxinum signal quality when tuning relatively weak stations interfered with by stronger adjacent stations.
Combined with our new Computer Servo Lock Tuning System, it gives you the best of both digital and analog tuning capabilities. The Yamaha R-9 includes a multi-function infrared remote control. And it is just one in a complete line of advanced Yamaha receivers. Now that's entertainment.

yamaha receiver

Audio Section
Continuous Power Per Channel:
125 W (20 Hz - 20 kHz 0,15% THD; 8 ohm)
145 W (20 Hz - 20 kHz 0,03% THD; 6 ohm)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Phono MC :  75 dB (500 µV, Input Shorted)
Phono MM :  92 dB (5 mV, Input Sshorted)
CD, Tape :  103 dB (Input Shorted)