11 January 2017

REVOX Reel to Reel Recorders 1949 - 1993

Revox reel to reel Recorders 1949-1993

Finally a book fully dedicated to all the wonderful reel to reel tape recorders of the Swiss brand.

More than 30 years after production of the last ReVox reel to reel machine, we are proud to introduce now the first book of the complete reel to reel production range: 240 pages and 400 color photos, with rich text in English and Italian.

Made for the 50th anniversary of the A77's birth, the most famous reel to reel recorder ReVox (shown even on Pink Floyd's Ummagumma cover), the book 'REVOX REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDERS 1949-1993' presents in detail all 25 legendary issued models with full history, versions, technical and curiosity in 240 pages and over 400 unpublished Hi-Res photographs. Available on-demand printing from Blurb.

"Just the right book for those crazy fanatics lovers of ReVox recorders - says Marcel Siegenthaler, Advertising and Communications Manager ReVox 1965-1995 – definitely, a book like this no one had ever seen till now. "

Conceived and structured both as a manual for the enthusiast who can recognize in all details each different model and check the full originality, and for the historian audiophile who wish to know in details the birth and evolution of the swiss analog recording brand from his first beginning in 1949 to the glorious end in 1993.

"In this book you will find not only the legendary A77, but also detailed and complete information with all versions and types of tape recorders manufactured by ReVox - explains Fadri Haller, current CEO of ReVox GmbH - I myself read and browsed in deep this work, and I found a lot of new and unknown exciting information about the devices and the history of ReVox ".

The work was carried out by two expert technicians collectors of the swiss company, based on one of the most complete existing collections, and interviewing in deep ReVox and Studer designers, engineers, commercial managers of that time, with extensive research in Switzerland, Italy and Germany of all known versions and variants.

'REVOX REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDERS 1949-1993' is today the only complete and exhaustive historical book of the ReVox saga. Enjoy it both from the point of view of the technical/historical rich text than for the gorgeous high resolution pictures, shown in a smooth and original way, with unusual shoots and special care about technical interiors, engines, circuits and most noticeable details, with direct comparison between all various versions.

Paolo Bologna
Luca Maria Olgiati

With English-Italian text, both in an economical softcover version, than a better and a luxus one, with hardcover and special photographic papers, is available for purchase now at 'blurb'.