14 December 2016

7 Beautiful Mini Audio System from the 90's

DENON D-F10 (1996)

DENON UPA-F10 55W/ch amplifier, DENON UTU-F10 RDS tuner, DENON UCD-F10 LAMBDA-Super-Linear-Converter CD player, DENON UDR-F10 Dolby HX-Pro cassette deck, DENON SC-F10S 2 way loudspeaker.

mini hifi

JVC (Victor in Japan) HMV 1993

JVC AX-V1 dual mono amplifier, JVC X-V1 20bitK2 CD player, JVC TD-V1 3 head cassette deck, JVC SX-V1 2 way loudspeaker. The front and top cover for all components is a one piece aluminium (like the PHILIPS mini 109) while the loudspeaker also has a metal front.

mini hifi

ONKYO Liverpool (1993)

ONKYO T-411RDS tuner, ONKYO A-911 70W/ch amplifier, ONKYO K-611 3 Head 3 Motor Dual Capstan cassette deck (it features a conventional door not a tray), ONKYO T-409 tuner, 
ONKYO C-711 singe-bit CD player, ONKYO K-R609 auto-reverse cassette deck.

mini hifi

PIONEER Impresso 5 (1995)

PIONEER F-C3 tuner, PIONEER A-C5 45W/ch amplifier, PIONEER T-C3 Auto BLE cassette deck, PIONEER PD-C5 Legato Link / Stable platter CD payer, PIONEER S-C5 2 way loudspeaker.

mini hifi

SONY 5000 Series (ES on some markets) (1998)

SONY TA-F5000ES 45W/ch MOS-FET amplifier, SONY CDP-X5000ES Fixed pick-up mechanism CD payer, SONY SS-AL5 2 way loudspeaker.

mini hifi

TEAC H-Series (1997)

TEAC A-H500 50W/ch amplifier, TEAC T-H500 RDS tuner, TEAC PD-H500 1 bit CD payer, TEAC R-H500 auto-reverse cassette deck.

mini hifi

YAMAHA Classic Line (1995)

YAMAHA AX-10 100W/ch (DIN 4 ohm) amplifier, YAMAHA TX-10 RDS tuner, YAMAHA CDX-10 22 bit Pro-bit CD player, YAMAHA KX-10 3 Head 3 Motor cassette deck, YAMAHA NS-2 2 way loudspeaker.

mini hifi

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