17 May 2023

SABA CD 278 (1980)


cassette deck

The CD 278 cassette deck was the top model from the Saba range in 1980. It features a solid 2-motor transport with Sen-Alloy head that was sourced from JVC. This is a fully featured deck with some unique solutions. The deck can handle normal/chrome/metal tapes, it has pitch control, fine bias and output level controls. The main highlight is the use of the High-Com noise reduction system but there is also a Dolby compatible circuit for playback only. The recording level can be set via a large record level knob following indications from the large two-color LED VU meter. The tape counter is a 4-digit LED counter that can be used as a regular tape counter or switched to stop watch mode. Two microphone input and a headphone output are also located on the front panel. Technical data: Wow & Flutter 0.1% DIN, 0.05% WRMS | Frequency range (DIN) 20Hz-16/18/20kHz (normal/chrome/metal) | Signal to Noise 72dB High-Com | Size: 442x114x340 mm (w/h/d).