01 April 2021

The NEW PIONEER Classic Series 2021


cassette deck

Main Features of the New 2021 Pioneer CT-F1250-50 "Fifty-Fifty"
- Smart Head. All the "Fifty-Fifty" series model feature simultaneous GPS controlled Azimuth correction.
- 3-Head B.L.E. calibration system recorder.
- E.W.R.W. (Everybody Want's To Rule The World) You own your music, now and forever, on Philips Compact Cassette.
- D.T.R. (Don't Touch Me I'm Recording) Your last chance to keep contact with reality. Recording Music is an important job, do not disturb.
- R.T.A.R. (Real Time Audio Recording) Sit back, relax and Enjoy your music in real time while recording.
- S.S.D. (Slow Speed Dubbing) Relax, take your time, no need to hurry. Now you're High on Emotion.
- N.M.T.S. (No More Touch Screen) Remember the old days of touch screen menu controlled functions? Your nightmare is over, all your pushbuttons are now right in front of you. Reach Out and Touch Faith.
- HD Wi-Fi (Home Disco Without Fiction) No internet? No problem. Your Music is now Free of any subscription.  
- Synchronicity. With just one push of a button your copy starts, like it's 1983. (Only on playback cassette)
- N.T.C. (No Time Counter) Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day. Who needs time anyway?
- T.P.O. (Twin Power Operation). Now you can save the Planet by reducing power consumption. For endless music listening only power on the playback deck.
- Timeless Design. You see? We've just doubled-it.
- Fluroscan metering. Blue is the colour of the red sky. Blue is the colour that she feels inside. 
- Old is Gold. We have just reverted to the original, old timeless PIONEER logo. Isn't that fantastic?