05 December 2017

7 Cassette Decks....Then They Were Vertical

AKAI on the wall - 1974

When we say Cassette deck we normally think of a square box of a component that can be stacked one on each other. This was not however always the case. In the 70's some manufacturers tried a different approach by promoting vertical standing models that can be wall mounted or simply standing next to a tape recorder - like the big boys. Here is a selection of vertical standing cassette decks by various manufacturers.

akai gxc-510d 1974
AKAI GXC-510D 1974

aurex pc-6030 1976
Aurex (TOSHIBA) PC-6030 1976

denon dr750 1977
DENON DR750 1977

nakamichi 700 1973
Nakamichi 700 1973

PHILIPS N2521 1977
PHILIPS N2521 1977

teac a-860 1976
TEAC A-860 1976

tandberg TCD 330 1977
TANDBERG TCD 330 (right) 1977

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