03 October 2017

The AKAI PRO-2022 Audio Rack 1981

 AKAI PRO-2022 (extra)

Most manufacturers from the Golden Age of Hi-Fi offered a selection of audio components that can be fitted perfectly into a custom rack system. The system presented here is the AKAI PRO-2022 from 1981. This is a 1145 mm high and 584 mm wide metallic rack where the components are mounted with the use of additional rack ears that first had to be fitted to the components.
From top to bottom we have: 
AKAI AP-Q80C Quartz Direct Drive turntable fitted with Ortofon LMB 12 cartridge.
AKAI PA-W06 Power amplifier. 100 W/ch (DIN 4 ohm), flurescent power meters and two loudspeaker connector
AKAI PR-A06 Pre-amplifier. Input for tuner, AUX, 2 tape, 2 phono, remote controllable volume, 3 step loudness, subsonic and high filters
AKAI AT-S06 Digital Quartz Synthesizer Tuner with 10 FM + 10 AM station presets
AKAI GX-F37 cassette deck. Two motor full logic, HIGH-COM noise reduction, Dolby Noise Reduction for playbak only, Frequency response Metal tape 30-19.000 Hz
AKAI EA-G80 Graphic Equalizer. 2x10 band octave EQ with +/- 10 dB range
AKAI SR-H77 3 Way Loudspeakers 110 W(max) / 70 W (nominal), 8 ohm

Extra Components:
AKAI DT-200 Timer. Allows programmed switching on of the whole system. Timer settings for 4 programmes for 7 days.
AKAI RC-6B Remote Receiver. Transforms your system into a remote controlled Hi-Fi system.

 AKAI PRO-2022 (standard)



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