08 October 2016

SAMSUNG High End Audio...1996

Samsung Emperor High-End

Did you know that the world leader in electronic industry Samsung began their operations by producing noodles first? Then how about some High End audio products made in 1996?

Samsung made two sets of High End audio components in 1996. Each set included a preamplifier, power amplifier and loudspeakers. The Samsung C-01 preamplifier and the 300W/ch Samsung M-30S power amplifier were the bigger set and they were partnered by the Samsung SP-01 loudspeaker. There is no official reference but it seems that the amplifiers were designed by Mark Levinson and built by Samsung in Korea. They were intended to be sold as SAMSUNG products worldwide while on their domestic market they were branded as Emperor. There were two versions of the Samsung SP-01 loudspeaker. One model had the tweeter on the top and two midrange cones below, while the other one (final version ?) had the tweeter between two dome midranges. Unlike the electronics the loudspeakers were built in the U.S.A. by HALES (a now defunct loudspeaker manufacturer). 

The second, smaller system, consisted of the Samsung C-03 preamplifier, Samsung M-15S power amplifier and the Samsung SP-03 loudspeaker. 

Samsung C-01S

samsung power amplifier

samsung emperor power amplifier

samsung c-03 m-15

samsung emperor remote

samsung sp-01

samsung sp-03

samsung loudspeakers

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