11 March 2016

CLASSIC minis - The Eastern Block

ELEKTRONIKA T1 003 Stereo - 1983 former USSR
Components include the ELEKTRONIKA MP-111C soft touch stereo cassette deck, ELEKTRONICA T-003 Stereo digital tuner, ELEKTRONICA 001 Stereo graphic equalizer, ELEKTRONIKA UK-003 Stereo amplifier, ELEKTRONIKA 25AS-328 two way loudspeaker and the ELEKTRONIKA EP-050 tangential turntable.

ORBIT 002 Stereo mini system - 1985 former USSR
Components include the ORBIT MP-121 C soft touch stereo 2 motor cassette deck with quartz control , ORBIT 3-002 stereo equalizer, ORBIT UP-002 C preamplifier with electronic volume control and the 50W/ch ORBIT UM-002 C power amplifier.

ELECTRONICA 3220 mini system - Romania
Components include the ELECTRONICA 3220 35W/ch stereo amplifier, ELECTRONICA analog tuner with 5 presets, ELECTRONICA MT 3220 stereo cassette deck with piano key control.

ORION mini hifi - 1983 Hungary
Components include the ORION ST 1025 digital tuner, ORION SE 1025B (second version with TESLA transistor power output) 20W/ch stereo amplifier, ORION SM 1025 stereo cassette deck with SAN-DUST head. Recommended loudspeakers were the ORION HS9 and HS 280 however the model shown in the picture is a prototype only "designer speaker"

RFT S 3000 mini system - 1983 former East Germany
Components include the RFT SK3000 HIFI soft touch control cassette deck, RFT ST3000 HIFI analog tuner, RFT SV3000 HIFI 13W/ch amplifier, RFT SM3000 HIFI stereo equalizer and the RFT B3010 HIFI 2 way bass reflex loudspeaker. The system was available in silver and black.

UNITRA Mini Line - 1982 Poland
Components include the UNITRA ETIUDA 411 D 2 motor logic controlled stereo cassette deck, UNITRA FAUST 211 D analog tuner, UNITRA FS 015 stereo equalizer, UNITRA TRAWIATA 311D 20W/ch stereo amplifier. The system was also sold under the NICOLA TESLA brand name. The UNITRA WS-510 D was a limited edition 40W/ch amplifier.

TESLA MINISYSTEM 710 A - 1983 former Czechoslovakia
Components include the TESLA T710A analog stereo tuner with 3 presets, TESLA Z710A 10W/ch stereo amplifier, TESLA M710A piano key stereo cassette deck, TESLA AR9206 loudspeakers and TESLA G710 (based on TESLA HC43) turntable.  

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