18 March 2015

Cassette winding device (and it's not a pencil)

You probably have seen many times  a picture of a compact casssette and a pencil followed by the question: What's the link between a cassette and a pencil? Many people think that is about writing the artist name on the label and nothing else. That's partially true but those who post this kind of picture usually see the pencil as a tool used to forward the tape without inserting the cassette in your player.

There was however a better method to fast forward your cassette without using your player. It was a hand winder made by japanese company JEWLTONE, model CT-406J. This device could be usefull if you are using a battery powered player (to save battery) or you simply need to quickly wind a cassette while another one is playing. 

That's pretty cool, isnt't it ? Some think that cassette can still Rock You.