02 May 2013

PHILIPS arround the world.

One of our readers at 1001hifi.com asked me about this PHILIPS 22 AH 867/83 Music sytem that has no info on the web, if you make a Google search.

The story is that PHILIPS, as the largest european manufacturer of electronics in order to enter different markets with it's products bought smaller electronics companies from different countries to assemble PHILIPS products.
That's what happened with this PHILIPS 22 AH 867/83 music system that was made in Finland exclusively for northern Europe. (the /83 reffers to the country of manufacturing)

This one has an original design that was based on the PHILIPS 847 TAP music center that was marketed in western Europe in 1976.

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PHILIPS 22 AH 867 / 83

PHILIPS 847 from 1976.