08 October 2015

Victor JL-B1000P - world first quartz turntable 1974

victor jl-b1000

This is the Victor Laboratory (JVC) JL-B1000P broadcast turntable, the world first quartz lock turntable introduced in 1974 by Victor company of Japan (JVC). This Victor Laboratory model was followed by the Victor (JVC) TT-101 for domestic use in 1975.

victor tt-101

From a vintage JVC advert promoting a new JVC Quartz turntable:
"Since we introduced the world's first Quartz-controlled turntable in 1974, we've been constantly refining the ultra-precision oscillator circuits and improving the characteristics of our motor drive system."

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06 October 2015

BeoLab 90 - A Classic Was Born

The 90th anniversary loudspeaker from Bang & Olufsen has arrived. Meet the BeoLab 90 - a 8200 watts per loudspeaker designed by the Frackenpohl Poulheim design studio for Bang & Olufsen.

beolab 90

Bang & Olufsen's new Active Room Compensation technology, Beam Width Control and Beam Direction Control ensure a 360 disperion of sound regardless of room and listening position. The 7 (Scan-Speak) tweeters, 7 (Scan-Speak) midrange, 3 (Scan-Speak) woofer and 1 (Scan-Speak) front woofer are mounted in a 65 kg aluminium enclosure for a total weight of 137 kg. Each speaker has 7 ICEpower amplifiers for tweeters, 7 ICEpower amplifiers for midranges, 3 Heliox amplifiers for woofers and 1 Heliox amplifier for the front woofer.

beolab 90

Until you listen to one of these BeoLab 90 digital loudspeakers in your room, take a look at some of 
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25 September 2015

How to connect a turntable to a amplifier/ receiver

Most of vintage and modern turntable have to be connected to a special input on your amplifier/ receiver labelled PHONO. This input uses a special preamplifier section that a turntable needs before the signal can be sent to the amplifier stage. If your amplifier/ receiver has no PHONO input then you need to buy a separate phono amplifier first.

Important note: 
Some cheap modern turntables already have this phono amplifier fitted in the turntable. In this case you can use any input on your amplifier/ receiver to connect the turntable. Check the turntable's manual first.  

The diagram above shows you how to connect a turntable to your amplifier/ receiver. In most cases the PHONO input on the amplifier can accept turntables fitted with a moving magnet (MM) type cartridge. The PHONO input is a special type of input and is different from all the other inputs of an amplifier. Most vintage turntable and most modern turntable 
must be connected here. 

Playing back music from your turntable
Before switching the power on, set the various controls as follows:
  •      Plug the power cord of these two units into the AC wall socket
  •      Select the speaker switch that corresponds to the speaker system          which is connected to the SPEAKERS  terminals on the rear panel.
  •      Set the bass and trebele controls to "0" position
  •      Set the balance control to the center position.
  •      Select PHONO on the front panel. (Make sure the TAPE monitor is          set to off)
  •      Make sure the volume is set to minimum and switch the units on.
  •      Start playing a record (vinyl) on your turntable and increase the            volume to the desired level.

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