31 July 2015

Technics G series

Audio excellence from 1991, this is the Technics G series.

technics g series
Technics B900 cassette deck

technics g series
Technics P900 cd player

technics g series
Technics D900 DAT recorder

technics g series
Technics G900 tuner

technics g series
Technics C5000 preamplifier

technics g series
Technics A5000 power amplifier

technics g series
Technics GE100 equalizer

technics g series
Technics MX200 loudspeaker

technics g series
Technics G series

....and more vintage audio here.

26 July 2015

Musicians in audio adverts.

As a music lover I'm sure you like to listen to your favourite artist at home, on the road, in your studio, on the best audio equipment. Let's take a look at some of your favourite artists and their recommendations for audio equipment through this series of vintage audio advertisements.

Loud and clear. That's how you want your music at home. "Baby Jane", all you need is a pair of ALTEC LANSING loudspeakers said Rod Stewart.

rod speaker

"Baby you can drive my car". That's what Ringo Starr (The BEATLES) said in 1978. He also said that you're going to be a star only if you have a CRAIG car stereo.

ringo starr craig car audio

In 1985 Dire Straits teamed up with PHILIPS on a world tour promoting the new PHILIPS Compact Disc. They were like "Brothers in arms".

MORE: 30 years of Compact Disc

dire straits philips compact disc

In 1986 Genesis was recording their hits with SONY Digital equipment. Play them back with the "Invisible touch" of a SONY compact disc player, they recommend.

genesis sony

Choose 7 of your favourite Doors album and place them in a 7 Disc CD changer from Nakamichi, was Ray Manzarek's recommendation in 1993.

MORE: AKAI elevator-style 7-disc CD player 

ray manzarek nakamichi

"Fanfare for the common man" "Works" well with CRAIG car audio, said Emerson Lake and Palmer.

emerson lake palmer craig car audio

"Breakfast in America", and you're on the road again. What better way to take a look back on your favourite concert song then a SPARKOMATIC car audio from 1983.  

supertramp sparkomatic car audio

You're in your studio working on your next hit. AKAI is crucial for "The end of innocence" said Don Henley (Eagles)

don henley akai

Family harmony. Aparently that's why Alice Cooper and his mother choose the FISHER (SANYO) 24 disc CD changer in 1993.

alice cooper fisher

These are all things of a glorious past and they will never return.
Is the future sad ? See what Ray thinks....

19 July 2015

Hi-Fi family photos

Family photographs capture some of the best of memories and looking at a picture can lift up your mood. Let's take a look at some of the most precious of moments, frozen in time by some of the most famous electronic brands from the past.

AKAI recorders 1980
AKAI recorders 1980

GRUNDIG Hi-Fi 1981

PHILIPS Hi-Fi 1980

PIONEER Reference
PIONEER Reference 1989

Technics Hi-Fi
Technics Hi-Fi lineup 1984

They are old by now but they have a new home here.