23 July 2013

ITT HC 9071, one of the biggest music center ever

One of the biggest ever music center was made by ITT in 1979.
It was a completely "feather-touch" controlled music center where everything can be remote controlled using the big "HIFI PROCESSOR" (the remote).
The picture below shows the original ITT HC 9071 that was rebadged as Graetz HMC 400 and INGELEN HMC 400.
Our museum owns the INGELEN HMC 400 that you can see HERE.

vintage audio
ITT HC 9071

18 July 2013

PHILIPS N 2408 vintage audio cassette changer

Recently one of our visitors at www.1001hifi.com asked me the following question.

"I have an audio equipment question that has been bugging me for years, and one that you very well might know the answer to. When in college in the mid/late 70s, I saw a bizarre tape deck that automatically flipped the cassette out, up, around, and back into its well via a strange external track system--a Weird-O-Rama kind of early auto-reverse."

From our research at The Stereo Museum results that such a cassette deck was made by PHILIPS in 1976. It was the PHILIPS N 2408 - 6 cassette changer - with built in 2x15 W (music power) amplifier. For the changer mechanism there were 2 types of accesoires sold for the 6 cassette compartiment. In this picture from 1979 german catalog you can see the    N 6711 type. The other model was a simple transparent box that you put on top of the cassette compartiment loaded with 6 compact cassettes. After the cassette finished playing it was translated to the right in the empty box at the right side of the cassette mechanism.

More intresting cassette recorders you can find if you follow this link.

02 May 2013

PHILIPS arround the world.

One of our readers at 1001hifi.com asked me about this PHILIPS 22 AH 867/83 Music sytem that has no info on the web, if you make a Google search.

The story is that PHILIPS, as the largest european manufacturer of electronics in order to enter different markets with it's products bought smaller electronics companies from different countries to assemble PHILIPS products.
That's what happened with this PHILIPS 22 AH 867/83 music system that was made in Finland exclusively for northern Europe. (the /83 reffers to the country of manufacturing)

This one has an original design that was based on the PHILIPS 847 TAP music center that was marketed in western Europe in 1976.

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PHILIPS 22 AH 867 / 83

PHILIPS 847 from 1976.